The aim of DSMC project was to establish a Euro-Mediterranean Consortium (MEDANET) composed by public and private organizations to define and develop the Euro-Mediterranean defensive cultural heritage existing on the coast. During the implementation of the project, there were a series of activities: the creation of the MEDANET Consortium, training courses for professionals on heritage conservation, restoration, digitization and management; an international exchange of students, the restoration and development of fortresses and their integration within the area they are located, a web page for Medanet Consortium (www.medanet.info), a data base providing tourist itineraries with the fortresses that belong to the countries that participate in this initiative and the creation of a cd-rom containing a map with the defense systems and historical backgrounds of the partner cities, in which the history of the fortresses and virtual reconstructions of some of them through computer graphics will be provided.

My personal task was to offer a training course for professionals and scientists on heritage digitization based on photogrammetric methodologies. Scientists from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Algeria, Egypt ans Syria were participated. We proceeded to the photogrammetric mapping of  a defense structure in the castle of Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece.