The THEMA project was a Greco-German scientific and technical collaboration with General Secretary  of Research and Technology funding on the Greek side and International Office funding on the German. Research team was consisted of National Observatory of Athens and particularly the institute for space applications and remote sensing (IERSD). The German counterpart was the DLR, based in Wessling, Munich.

The aim of the programme was to process and evaluate the surface reflection and transmission data collected by Daedalus ATM airborne sensor. In this manner, conclusions were drawn about the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki with respect to hot/cold areas and temperature gradients along the most important fresh air paths in both cities.

My personal involvement in the project was to get trained in processing procedures of airborne remote sensing data at DLR facilities by the German partner. Then, i processed the data of Athens in order to create mosaic of the data stripes and produce thermal and NDVI maps. Finally i tried to identify any relationship between population, park areas and land use at the two study areas.