Find below the classes i offer at the Department of Geography. Students should enroll to the eclass platform in order to have access to the slides, announcements, forum etc. However, some teaching materials i.e. workbooks and tutorial videos can be found at the Teaching Material section.

Winter semester

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
    Introduction, objectives, definitions, requirements, grading-
    EM spectrum, interactions with matters, sensorsFree web data sources, data structure, importing to ERDAS Imagine
    Geometry and radiometry, histograms, Visual interpretation, channel combination, metadata, histogram stretching
    Geometric Rectification, polynomials, RMSImage to image geometric rectification
    Radiometric corrections, image transformationsLandsat radiometric correction
    Vegetation indicies, thermal remote sensing, convolution filteringLandsat NDVI, Tasseled Cap, Principal Component Analysis
    Remote Sensing applicationsData fusion
    Unsupervised and supervised classificationUnsupervised classification
    Supervised classificationSupervised classification
    Accuracy assesmentAccuracy assesment
  • Special topics in GeoInformatics
    Remote Sensing classification based on machine learning
    Time-series analysis of remote sensing data
    Landscape metrics
    GIS programming/customization
    GPS (RTK) data acquisition and processing
    Terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry
    3D data visualization / augmented reality / first person view

Spring semester

  • Remote Sensing Applications
    Introduction, objectives, requirements, grading
    Intro rerun
    Hyperspectral remote sensing, airborne remote sensing, image mosaicing
    Spatial enhancement / filters
    Remote Sensing and wildfires
    Remote Sensing and urban areas
    Change detection / object recognition
    Remote sensing and agriculture / precision farming
    Remote Sensing and meteorology