Find below a list of students’ thesis that either i am supervising or i am a member of their examination committee.

MscPromoting cultural heritage using photogrammetry methods and virtual and augmented realityPapachrysou PanagiotaSupervisorOngoing
MscWildland Urban Interface / WUI mapping using satellite remote sensing data. Application in the East Region of Macedonia & ThraceAgiannidou AnthoulaSupervisorOngoing
UndergraduateClassification of crops using multitemporal SENTINEL-2 imagesBouranta ParaskeviSupervisorOngoing
UndergraduateSpatial and temporal analysis of drought in Greece through the application of vegetation temperature condition index (VTCI) in MODIS remote sensing dataIlia AnnaSupervisorOngoing
UndergraduateSpatial and temporal variation of floating algae in the coastal zone of the island of Lesvos using remote sensing and GISKatsara NikiSupervisorCompleted (2020)
UndergraduateLand cover type classification of Lesvos island using Sentinel-2 multispectral and multitemporal images and Support Vector MachineGeorganta AikateriniSupervisorCompleted (2020)
UndergraduateUrban sprawl in Greece with logistic regressionZormpas KostasSupervisorCompleted (2019)
UndergraduateEutrophication monitoring at Lake Pamvotida, using Sentinel-2 remote sensing dataPeppa MariaSupervisorCompleted (2019)
UndergraduateSoil moisture content estimation by using Landsat sensorsMitsi TerpsichoriSupervisorCompleted (2017)
UndergraduateDevelopment of a fire danger rating index based on MODIS sensorGiovos RigasSupervisorCompleted (2016)
MscSearch for the optimal pixel in coastal areas through cloud computing environmentChristofilakos SpyrosExamination CommitteeCompleted (2020)
MscAlternative methods of 3D mapping of a construction site using crane cameraChatzitheodorou ChristosExamination CommitteeOngoing
MscPost-earthquake damage assessment in traditional settlement buildings using deep learning neural networksChroni AthanasiaExamination CommitteeOngoing
Msc3D mapping of earthquake effects in a traditional settlement, using Geoinformatics methods. The case of Vrisa, LesvosTroullinou EiriniExamination CommitteeOngoing
MscEstimation of soil moisture at an island basin with the application of remote sensing and SWAT distributed hydrological modelVarvara MeliadouExamination CommitteeCompleted (2015)
Undergraduate3D change mapping of part of the traditional settlement of Vrisa, LesvosOikonomaki KassianiExamination CommitteeCompleted (2020)
Undergraduate3D visualization of the earthquake effects in the traditional settlement of VrisaProestakis StavrosExamination CommitteeCompleted (2020)
Undergraduate3D visualization of the earthquake effects and changes in the traditional settlement of VrisaFilosidis IoannisExamination CommitteeCompleted (2020)
UndergraduateStudy of flight plans in 3D mappingDeinopapas StergiosExamination CommitteeCompleted (2019)
Undergraduate3D visualization of the preserved monuments in the traditional settlement of VrisaTyrovouzi AnnaExamination CommitteeCompleted (2019)
Undergraduate3D visualization of the traditional settlement of Vrisa using terrestrial photogrammetryGkeka FreiderikiExamination CommitteeCompleted (2019)
UndergraduateLandscape ecology: Impact of fire on bees on Rhodes IslandPelekanou VagiaExamination CommitteeCompleted (2017)
UndergraduateVegetation mapping and accuracy control using sensing methods for the areas Messinia, Chalkidiki, Rhodes and West AtticaLagari LemoniaExamination CommitteeCompleted (2017)
UndergraduateSitting optimization of wildfire detection systemsRiga MariaExamination CommitteeCompleted (2016)
UndergraduateMapping of main natural disasters in the island of RhodesFragkiadaki PolyxeniExamination CommitteeCompleted (2016)
Undergraduate Development of a Geographic/spatial DataBase(G.D.B.) for Lemnos and Agios Efstratios IslandsAleksoydaki EleyetheriaExamination CommitteeCompleted (2015)